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Regional blockades

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free television online in the UK in 2018
Blokady regionalne 29/07/2018 Regional blockades

free television online in the UK in 2018

Great Britain has become a new home for over a million Poles. People who have permanently relocated to this country have limited opportunities to ...

WhatsApp in China - how to unlock it?
Cenzura 24/07/2018 Censorship

WhatsApp in China - how to unlock it?

From year to year, China is increasingly restricting access from its territory to Western websites and applications over which they do not have ...

Proxy vs VPN vs Tor - comparison of possibilities. What best protects your privacy?
Prywatność i bezpieczeństwo 12/07/2018 Privacy and security

Proxy vs VPN vs Tor - comparison of possibilities. What best protects your privacy?

Looking for ways to protect privacy and avoid censorship in the network, we often come across three concepts: proxy, VPN and Tor. Hiding ...

free Netflix abroad - how to watch in 2018?
Blokady regionalne 09/07/2018 Regional blockades

free Netflix abroad - how to watch in 2018?

We are more and more often abroad. Holidays, delegations, trips to work or total emigration from your country. Unfortunately, while the Internet ...

The best VPN for games - what to choose in 2018?
Instrukcje i poradniki 05/07/2018 Instructions and guides

The best VPN for games - what to choose in 2018?

It is known for a long time that players are one of the most demanding groups when it comes to good computer hardware and fast and stable Internet. Ni ...

The best VPN for Chrome 2018
Prywatność i bezpieczeństwo 28/06/2018 Privacy and security

The best VPN for Chrome 2018

With the help of VPN for Chrome, every user of this popular browser can get access to blocked and censored websites, bypass locks, re ...

How to watch World Cup 2018 abroad?
Blokady regionalne 13/06/2018 Regional blockades

How to watch World Cup 2018 abroad?

The World Cup is undoubtedly the biggest football festival. This year's event taking place in Russia as usual will attract crowds of fans to stadiums or ...

How to watch free TV online in Norway?
Blokady regionalne 07/05/2018 Regional blockades

How to watch free TV online in Norway?

Norway has become a home and a workplace for thousands of Poles. A high standard of living, good earnings, beautiful, virgin and raw nature. In Norway ...



The government plans to censor the Internet in your country on a large scale

On the pages of, we can read today about the government's work on a new project related to the broad censorship of the Internet in your country. Censors' powers are to be obtained by officials of the ministries of the digit ...


The first step towards destroying free Internet in the EU. New ACTA getting closer?

Yesterday - June 20 - a vote of the Legal Committee of the European Parliament JURI took place, which can be said to be the first step towards the end of the Internet as we know it in Europe. Przeg ...


The idea of ​​prohibiting pornography in your country is coming back

Law and Justice deputies from the Team for the Problems of Addiction and the Team for the Family Policy and Culture developed a common position in which, referring to the Constitution of the Republic of your country, they want to ...


The Tax Office wants to collect the IP addresses of entrepreneurs

The Ministry of Finance has come up with a new idea to assist the Tax Offices in detecting tax fraud. He wants banks and cooperative savings and credit unions to transfer to your country ...


In Britain, you will need to buy a pass to view pornographic content

For a long time, the United Kingdom has been trying to censor pornographic pages in various ways. Recently, the network has got a new idea from the British authorities, according to which every adult, who will be ...


Subsequent network censorship attempts - this time Uber and boosters

As reported by the Panoptykon Foundation, the idea of ​​creating further registers of blocked websites is coming back. After the act of gambling, the government was targeted by companies acting as intermediaries in the transport of persons ...

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The Best 100 VPNs service deals with the subject of the VPN in a comprehensive manner, both from the explanation of the operation and the most important VPN applications as well as tests and reviews of various VPN services available on the market. You will find information about both paid and free VPNs. We focus on helping users choose the best VPN service that fully satisfies their requirements and expectations. We conduct tests, review and compare the performance of leading VPN providers.

VPN in everyday use of the Internet

The fact that VPN is becoming an increasingly useful tool that can be used in everyday use of the network is becoming more and more convincing. Currently, more and more everyday affairs are dealt with on the Internet and more and more aspects of our lives are happening to a greater or lesser extent. VPN can both protect and secure our online presence as well as facilitate access to entertainment and inaccessible via normal means of online content.

Security and privacy on the web

The modern digital world is full of more and more threats to privacy and security. VPN is one of the ways that you can defend against them. Thanks to the opportunities provided by the Internet, ordinary users of the network can also protect their security and privacy , and not only people with IT skills and knowledge. You can find out how our VPN can help you protect your online identity on a daily basis and improve your security while using it.

Regional blockades and network censorship

One of the problems of today's global digital world are geographical blockages and censorship of content . Despite the fact that we seem to have access to almost unlimited online resources, in most cases our geographical location determines what we can use on the web. VPN allows to eliminate geographical boundaries in the digitized world and attempts to censor them. Thanks to the ability to connect to the network through any part of the globe, we can have full digital freedom .