In Britain, you will need to buy a pass to view pornographic content


For a long time, the United Kingdom has been trying to censor pornographic pages in various ways. Recently, the network has had a new idea of ​​British authorities, according to which every adult who wants to watch erotic content will have to buy a special pass.

Mandatory ion of age before accessing pornographic content was to apply in the United Kingdom from April this year. However, it was not possible to develop a model that would describe how such a process would take place and the deadline was postponed at the end of this year (2018).

According to the plans of the UK authorities, any site containing adult content will have to verify the age of the user before allowing access. Parties that do not comply will be blocked in the United Kingdom and will be subject to a fine of up to 250,000. pounds. Internet providers will have to block websites that will not adapt to the new regulations.

The pass, which will be a 16-character code, will be available for purchase in the store and kiosk, and its price is to be 10 pounds. To buy it you will need to confirm your age with an official document, driving license or passport. The pass is supposed to ensure greater anonymity for people interested in accessing pornography, as opposed to solutions such as AgeID (the technology behind which MindGeek, the owner of PornHuba) stands, which would create a huge database of people watching adult content.

The idea for this form of age ion came from BBFG ( British Board of Film Classification , formerly the British Board of Film Censors ), it is an office that provides content in the UK age categories and has the power to censor films before being released for distribution in Great Britain.

Attempts to censor adult content in the UK pose a serious threat to the freedom of the internet that we know today. It is not known what criteria will be adopted for parties that will be forced to enter ion. Those that do not adapt are to be blocked on the basis of officials' decisions without court involvement.

Access to adult content thanks to Tor and VPN

Of course, like all other Internet censorship attempts, blocking adult content by network providers in the UK will be possible to work around using VPN or the Tor network . Using them in today's reality is becoming increasingly a necessity when governments are trying to limit freedom of speech more and more.

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