free television online in the UK in 2018

free television online in the UK in 2018

Great Britain has become a new home for over a million Poles. People who have moved permanently to this country have limited opportunities to use some of free services, including Internet TV available in free VOD channels. All through regional blockades and geographical restrictions, which the owners of these websites regulate access to their services and limit it only to the territory of your country. Fortunately for people who have left permanently, access to free online television in the UK is possible if they change the IP address to free. And this can be easily done with the help of VPN, which is further in this guide.

free online television in the UK using VPN

VPN is a service that allows you to easily and quickly change the IP address by which we are visible on the network. How it's working? Using a special program or browser plug-in, we connect to a VPN server located in your country and thanks to that we obtain a free IP address. Thanks to this, all services in the network "think" that we are staying in the country, not abroad. Without changing your IP, you may not see the full range of internet services offering free TV online in the UK and streaming TV channels, but only a heavily trimmed version.

Below you will find tested and verified by us companies that offer such a service. They have fast servers in your country and other countries around the world.

VPN provider
Our rating
Details of offer
6.67$ miesięcznie from $ 6.67 per month
30 days
3.99$ miesięcznie from $ 3.99 per month
30 days

Why can not I watch free internet TV in the UK?

The blockades that are encountered when attempting to access free websites offering VOD or streaming TV channels in the United Kingdom result from licenses that regulate in which countries and on what basis the material can be played. Regional blockades make access to content highly regulated and prevents access to various types of online services, even when we want to pay for it. Some websites with streaming online TV channels offer packages for people abroad, which differ significantly in terms of the range of materials from what is available in your country.

That's why people around the world use VPN to deal with regional blockades. Thanks to this, they can use the purchased services while staying in another country, while traveling and access to content that is limited to only one country. Watching free Netflix abroad is no longer a problem, just like its American counterpart .

free Internet TV in the UK and the EU

Since recently, because from April 2018, Poles can get access to paid plans for various VOD services outside the country if they are abroad for a short time, eg during holidays. This requires ion that you live every day in your country . This is related to regulations introduced by the EU, the same as in the case of roaming . For ion, VOD services require sending eg a scan of the utility bill with the free address. Thanks to this, free TV via the Internet is slightly more accessible to people traveling in the European Union.

free films and TV series in the UK - the best VOD platforms

free TV series, films and entertainment programs can be viewed in the UK on free VOD platforms. All the largest free TV stations have their own websites where they provide their materials - part for free, and part for subscription.

TVP in the UK

The situation with the TVP offer abroad looks like some materials are available without a problem with the UK IP address, while others have a blockade. We can expect that we can easily watch films and TV series of free production, but if we want to get access to foreign series and films (eg Turkish TV series, American films), we will receive information about the blockade. This also applies to programs on foreign licenses, such The Voice of your country is blocked abroad.

The same applies to TVP Sport and in the UK. Where the license requires limited transmission only to your country, we will not be able to see it abroad without free IP.

TVP does not include EU regulations on access to VOD during a temporary stay abroad. This is related to the fact that TVP does not require paying an account (it is paid for in another way with an RTV subscription) and provides the materials for free.

In the case of a lock, we'll see the message: Sorry. Due to licensing restrictions, the material is not available in the country you are connecting to.

ipla in the UK

ipla is a VOD service that belongs to Cyfrowy Polsat. There are available films and series known from Polsat and TV channels belonging to this station. Some of the production is available for free also abroad, and some require you to watch the purchase of the Polonia package.

By entering the site from the UK, we will not see the full range of ipla service packages. Only a limited package of Polonia, without a wide range of sports channels. If we want to see what ipla offers in its full offer in the UK, then we will have to change the IP address to free. Then we will also get access to the full range of movies and series.

Player in the UK is a service related to the TVN station and what follows we will find there serials and films known every day from its channels. Hits like Kitchen Revolutions are available on the platform.

If you want to watch content in the UK you need to buy a package. Access to the free offer is possible only for people who have a free IP address . People outside of your country, eg in the UK, will be able to buy only the Start package and will have to verify their place of residence as your country. To see the whole packet of available packages (including Canal +, HBO and others) you need to have a free IP address.

WP Pilot in the UK

WP Pilot is a new product on the free market. It allows free streaming of basic free TV channels and the option of purchasing extended packages on a similar basis to cable television. It has a rich base of channels , among which there is stream TVP 1 and TVP 2. In WP Pilot, everyone will find an offer for themselves.

In the UK, by default, you'll see the message: Watch after free ion. To watch in the European Union, create an account and let us verify that you live in your country . This means that with a temporary stay in an EU country like the UK, we will be able to use the WP Pilot offer (provided that we confirm that we live in your country on a daily basis).


Thanks to the VPN and the possibility of changing the IP address to free, you can eliminate barriers that function in the virtual world. Live anywhere in the world and do not lose access to your favorite TV services and programs.

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