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How to watch free online television, ipla, TVN Player and TVP abroad in 2018?

How to watch free online television, ipla, TVN Player and TVP abroad in 2018?

Business trips, holidays or emigration. For various reasons, our lives are increasingly taking place outside your country. Thanks to dynamically developing technology, we can easily maintain contact with loved ones over the Internet during the separation. Borders, countries and continents cease to be an obstacle in the constant maintenance of relationships and relationships. While free communication via the Internet is not a problem, access to the resources of free culture is already so. free online TV abroad is unavailable, as well as popular free VOD services like ipla, TVN Player or TVP VOD. Here, the territorial boundaries of individual countries are also valid in the virtual world.

In this guide we will show you a way to watch free TV on the Internet while you are abroad with the help of VPN and we will explain how it looks like in 2018. With the help of VPN, you will skip locks and watch free TV series, films, and matches and sporting events.

VPN provider
Our rating
Details of offer
6.67$ miesięcznie from $ 6.67 per month
30 days
2.75$ miesięcznie from $ 2.75 a month
30 days

free online television abroad and regional blockades

It would seem that if you want to use your favorite VOD services abroad and watch sports events, films or TV series with a free teacher or subtitles in them - we will not have any major problems. Unfortunately, the attempt to watch free TV online and VOD services during a stay abroad, in most cases, will fail. We will encounter a message informing us that due to licensing restrictions, access to a film or series is possible only on the territory of your country - using devices that have a free IP address. Services such as:

  • ipla (which includes, among others, Polsat, Polsat Sport, Eurosport and the Eleven channel)
  • TVN Player
  • Player TVP VOD
  • TVP Sport
  • Onet VOD
  • nc + go
  • HBO Go
  • Showmax
  • YouTube
  • WP Pilot
  • free Netflix

they will prevent us from accessing our full VOD online offer while abroad. It does not matter if it is a holiday, a short trip, a longer trip or emigration. The imposed regional blockade will make it impossible for us to watch free serials, programs or films (short stays are exception to EU countries, as discussed below).

It is definitely not nice information for a person who would like to watch the match of the team, favorite series, entertainment program or movie from your country. It does not matter if you want to use a paid VOD or free offer - regional blocks apply to all packages. The way to remove an error message informing about geographical restrictions is either to return to the country or ... to obtain a free IP address , which we can easily do with the help of VPN . With this service, we will not only unlock access to movies and series via VOD platforms such as ipla, TVN Player, TVP, Showmax, WP Pilot, Onet and other popular websites in your country. We will also improve our security and privacy while on the Internet and bypass regional blockades imposed by other service providers such as the American Netflix , Hulu or BBC iPlayer .

From April 2018, during a short-term stay in EU countries , we can bypass regional blockades if we meet several conditions. First of all, the principle of access to domestic VOD services while staying in the EU applies only to paid services (ie we have to pay a subscription for an account) and can not be permanent (as in the case of abolished roaming - access eg during holidays in an EU country). In addition, in order for the free online television abroad to be available to us in the EU, we must first confirm that we live permanently in your country . The residence ion procedure depends on the VOD provider and can sometimes take up to several days. It is required to send a document (eg a scan of the bill for electricity, proof), thanks to which we will confirm that we actually live in your country. If we want quick access to free TV abroad, it is often the best choice to use the VPN described here - within a few minutes we will get free IP with it and we will immediately unlock access to all services - paid and free. Polonia in the EU countries should also consider this option, because without documents confirming a permanent stay in your country may have a problem with ion of the place of residence. For example, Netflix Polska makes its free library available only for a while during its stay in EU countries and changes it after that time to the one assigned to the country in which we are staying.

VPN can be simply described as an encrypted tunnel through which our entire Internet connection passes. The tunnel connects our computer with a special server through which we are then connected to the content we are interested in. Such a server can be located in any country. More vividly speaking - if we live abroad and to connect via VPN, we will choose a free server, we will get free IP, and all the services we use "will think" that we are connecting to your country. Thanks to this, we will be able to watch the free VOD via the Internet in the US, UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland), Germany, France, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands and other countries in which we will live.

What VPN to free online television abroad?

If we know that in order to easily view the VOD abroad, we need to change the IP and it's best to use the VPN, now we come to the question - where to get a VPN? The easiest and fastest way is to buy a ready service from a specialized company that offers access to VPN servers. In our case, the key will be two factors - a server in your country (thanks to him we will get free IP) and a good speed of data transmission (so that we can watch programs in good quality, eg. HD). Thanks to the use of the free VPN server, all VOD services and services that we want to use abroad will treat us as a user connecting to your country and thus we will not receive a blocking message for geographical reasons.

VPN, which will work quickly and steadily is a paid service, the price of which is usually around $ 12 with monthly payments or within 3-7 $ per month if we decide to pay for a longer period (one, two or three years) in advance and it is this form of subscription that pays the most, because savings reach 77%.

We recommend the following VPN service providers to watch free TV series, films and programs abroad (as well as films, documentaries and entertainment programs and sports events) on platforms such as ipla, TVN Player, TVP, Showmax, nc + GO and others. These are currently one of the best services on the market, which we can use without a problem on a computer, tablet or phone. In addition to the free server, we will be able to use a number of other locations (such as the USA, Germany, France, UK). With the help of VPN we can very quickly get access to free TV and VOD - the whole with buying a service and installing the program will not take more than 5 minutes . It may happen that the server chosen by us is blocked by the VOD service. Then you have to try to connect to other servers.

The best VPN for free VOD services abroad

We have already described over 35 different VPN providers, both better and worse. For the purposes of access to free online television abroad, we can recommend two proven and fast services that will allow you to obtain free IP and bypass regional blockades.

1. ExpressVPN - 9.28 / 10

ExpressVPN page
  • unrivaled connection speed
  • free VPN servers located in Warsaw
  • 2000+ servers in 95 countries
  • use on 3 devices at the same time
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • no logs
  • good privacy protection
  • simple and convenient application

ExpressVPN is a very good choice when it comes to streaming free television due to very fast servers that will allow you to watch video transmission in HD quality and better. The company currently provides one of the fastest and most stable VPN services available on the market. Thanks to the presence of high - speed VPN servers with free IP, we will easily skip the regional blocks imposed by VOD services and gain access to them abroad.

In addition, with the help of ExpressVPN, we will gain access to American Netflix , we will bypass the blocking of websites imposed by the network provider and we will significantly improve our privacy on the network.

Thanks to 24/7 support via online chat, we will solve all possible problems with the service without any problem.

ExpressVPN can be purchased in a special offer for 12 months + 3 months free for $ 99. This gives a savings of 49% . There is also an option to buy only a monthly subscription for $ 12.95. Thanks to a 30-day money-back guarantee, we can test the service and if we are dissatisfied - request a refund of the amount issued.

2. NordVPN - 9.09 / 10

NordVPN page
  • the best price-performance ratio
  • 42 servers with free IP in Warsaw
  • 4000+ servers in 60 countries
  • use on 6 devices at the same time
  • good connection speed
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • total lack of logs
  • great privacy protection

Among the many VPN services available on the Internet, NordVPN currently has the best service in terms of price / performance ratio . For this reason, NordVPN is one of the most-used VPN services by many users. The company's offer includes 42 free VPN servers located in Warsaw, with the help of which we can easily watch free TV series, programs and matches abroad on most VOD platforms. The quality and speed of the connection is good, but it may happen that the server with which we connect will be heavily loaded (then just connect with another).

In addition, NordVPN is a great choice when it comes to protecting privacy on the web. If, in addition to access to streaming, we also care about privacy, then NordVPN has several advanced solutions that will help.

The price for the service, which is what distinguishes NordVPN, is $ 99 for a three-year subscription. So for every month of using the service, we will pay $ 2.75 (cheaper by 77%). We can also buy the service only for a month for 11.95 $. If we are dissatisfied, the money will be returned to us within 30 days of buying the service.

In addition to bypassing regional blocks, the use of VPN has many other advantages:

  • we protect our privacy when using the Internet
  • we increase the security of data transmission and transmission thanks to encryption (no one will intercept or suspect our messages, passwords or browsed websites)
  • our connection to the network is encrypted, so we can safely use public WiFi without fear that someone will intercept our confidential data (eg at the airport, in a coffee shop)
  • we can get access to censored and blocked content in a given country by an internet provider or government (useful when traveling to countries where the Internet is heavily blocked)
  • bypassing other regional blocks and eg access to American Netflix

Material is not available. The material is available on the territory of your country

"Material unavailable. Material is available on free territory" - ipla

Sorry. Due to licensing restrictions, the material is not available in the country you are connecting to.

"Sorry, due to licensing restrictions, the material is not available in the country you're connecting to." - VOD TVP message

It is not possible to display this material without a purchased package in your location

"It is not possible to display this material without a purchased package in your location" - TV Player message when trying to access free material from the EU

It is not possible to display this video in your location

"It is not possible to display this video in your location" - Player TVN message when attempting to access from outside the EU (eg USA or Canada)

This video contains content from a partner who blocked it in your country under copyright

"This video contains content from a partner who blocked it in your country under copyright," YouTube's announcement

Watching free television online overseas step by step

Below are step-by-step activities that must be followed to watch free VOD services such as ipla, TVN Player, TVP VOD abroad using VPN:

  • Creating an account and paying for the service from a VPN provider we choose (for video streaming we recommend NordVPN and ExpressVPN ). We can pay with the help of a payment card, PayPal system and several other payment methods including bank transfer.
  • Downloading the application to our operating system from the selected VPN provider (Windows, Android , iOS or MacOS or plug-in for Chrome or Firefox), and then its installation, launching and logging in to the user's account.
  • Choosing a free server in the application and connecting to it. Just select your country on the list of available locations and connect to the server.
  • Excellently! We are connected to VPN and we have free IP . Since then, our connection is going through a server located in your country and although we are abroad (we are physically located in Australia, UK, Germany or the USA) - for all services in the network we are visible as a user connecting from your country.
  • We run the favorite VOD service in which free online TV is available, such as ipla, TVN Player, TVP VOD or nc + GO, and we watch free TV series, films or online matches broadcasts that were previously blocked.

Setting up and starting to use VPN is a simple task that does not require advanced technical knowledge. Everyone should deal with it without any problem. The whole process from buying to starting the service should not take us more than 5 minutes . Below is a step by step guide on how to do it for NordVPN .

We watch free online TV series abroad using the NordVPN and ExpressVPN guide

Below we present in simple steps how to run VPN from ExpressVPN or NordVPN and get a free IP address using them.

How to run and use ExpressVPN

The necessary steps to run ExpressVPN on your computer are:

1. Select a subscription plan

First, select the subscription plan at the selected service provider. The longest, 12-month subscription plan pays the most. Remember that you can always take advantage of the money back guarantee.

Wybór planu

2. Enter your e-mail address and choose the method of payment

In the registration form, enter the e-mail address to which you will receive access data to the service. Also choose the most convenient payment method.

Sposób płatności

3. Check email and activate the service

You will receive information about the activation of the service at the e-mail address provided during registration. Click on the link located there, which will take you to the ExpressVPN website from which you download the application to your system and you will find the activation code.

4. Download, install and activate the application on your computer or mobile device

Download the application and install it. For mobile devices supported by Android or iOS, you can find the appropriate links to the Play Store or the App Store on the website. You will log in to the ExpressVPN application by entering the activation code shown on the website.

Pobranie aplikacji

Aktywacja aplikacji

5. Run the application and select the connection to the free VPN server

In the application installed on your computer, go to the location selection and select from the list your country. Double click to connect to the free server.

Wybór polskiego serwera

6. Great! You have free IP

From now on, you have a free IP address and you can use the free online TV and VOD services outside the country without any problems. By the way, you have a secure network connection against unauthorized access and protect your location on the network.

Dostęp do polskiej TV za granicą

How to start and use NordVPN

  1. In the first place, we have to go to the NordVPN website and click on the "Buy VPN now" button and then we will be moved to the page where we can choose the plan we want to buy.

    Selection of the subscription in NordVPN

    Selection of the subscription type

  2. After selecting the desired length of the plan (the most profitable is the annual, biennial or three-year, where savings reach up to 77% ), a registration form will appear. We provide our e-mail address and password and choose the type of payment. We can pay with a card, PayPal, Bitcoin or bank transfer (select "Other" and we will be able to pay with Dotpay or Przelewy24, but this option is only available from your country).

    Registration form

    Registration form

    Choosing online payments

    Payment details

  3. After correct completion of the form, we will receive a confirmation e-mail and we will be able to log in to our account at NordVPN. Now just click "My account" on the page, log in and download the appropriate application from the panel.

    NordVPN panel

    Downloadable applications in the panel

  4. We install the application on our computer. The whole process is simple and fast.

    Installation of NordVPN

    Installation of NordVPN

  5. After installing and starting the application, you will be greeted by a login form where you can enter your account details.

    The NordVPN application

    Login to the NordVPN application

  6. After logging in we will be greeted by the main application screen. We can choose the server location using the map or go to the "Servers" tab and select your country from the list of countries. Then we click Connect Now and we can enjoy free IP and watch free VOD services abroad .

    Choosing a location from the map - your country

    Choosing a location from the map

    Selection of the free server from the list

    Selection of the free server from the list

Free trial the NordVPN website and start watching free TV right now.

What can we see in the free TV offer online in 2018?

free VOD services allow you to legally watch movies, series and entertainment programs via the Internet. There are more and more of them on the market, however, the largest and most popular platforms currently include TVN Player.pl, TVP VOD (including Sport TVP) and ipla. Apart from them, such services as VOD.pl, HBO Go, Showmax, WP Pilot or free Netflix are also very popular. The offer available in individual websites is quite different from each other. We find in them both own productions of individual stations as well as films and foreign series with a teacher and subtitles.

TVN Player abroad in 2018

The player.pl service belonging to the TVN group is undoubtedly the most popular VOD platform in your country and among Poles abroad. For good reason. We find TVN shows and series there, which enjoy huge viewership. Using the service, we will watch such free series as Second chance , On common , Diagnosis , Detectives , Hospital , Doctors , Hidden Truth , Agata's Law , Now or never , Face to Face or Single .

At Player.pl, we also have access to popular online entertainment programs such as Kitchen Revolutions , Asia Express , MasterChef , Top Model , Kuba Wojewódzki , Agent-Stars , Iron Maidan , Dream House , Who will marry my son , Little Giants , Mam Talent! , Millionaire , For knives , Conversations in progress , Cooked , Note , X-Factor or Hypnosis . Some programs of Canal + are also available within Player.pl.

Access to the Player.pl offer abroad has changed slightly after the regulations introduced in EU countries in 2018. Staying in EU countries, when we enter the TVN Player website and we will try to run, for example, material available in your country for free, we will see the message "It is impossible to display this material without a purchased package in your location ". This means that in order to watch the Player we will have to subscribe to it and verify that our place of residence is your country. In the case of other countries (outside the EU), the message "It will not be possible to display this video in your location " will be displayed and we will not be able to access them without free IP.

TVP and TVP Sport abroad in 2018

Telewizja Polska SA has its own VOD TVP service in which it offers free online access to programs and series of its production. The popular and comedy series, popular with huge popularity, gather in front of TV sets crowds of viewers of various ages. Extremely popular serial productions such as Crown of Kings , M for Love , For good and for bad , rodzinka.pl , Colors of happiness , Do not worry about me , Clan , Ranch , Young doctors , On the signal , Za marzenia , Leśniczówka , Klan , Father Mateusz , Firefighters , Under the common sky , War girls or the third half can be found on TVP online.

TVP is not only a series, but also cabarets and the Television Theater. In addition, the TVP offer includes numerous entertainment programs such as Kocham Cię, Polsko! , Bake Off - But ciacho , Wheel of Fortune , The Wall. Win dreams , Big Music Quiz , Farmer looking for a wife , La La your country , From Opole to Opole , Familiada , Ludzik, or One Man Show and The Voice of your country , which have their faithful fans.

The TVP offer also includes TVP Sport ( sport.tvp.pl ), where we can see, among others, broadcasts of football matches and many other sports programs. It is a platform where live broadcasts of most sports events related to the free representation are carried out. This year it will also be a platform where we can watch the matches of the free national team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. As it usually happens, TVP abroad is available for most events only if we have a free IP address obtained via VPN.

IPLA abroad in 2018

ipla.tv is a VOD service that is associated with Cyfrowy Polsat and has been operating since 2008. It has a wide range of series, entertainment programs and films that we can watch over the Internet and broadcast a lot of sporting events live (matches, boxing matches, KSW, MMA). The website offers popular series and programs such as: Przyjaciółki , First Love , In the rhythm of the heart , the Righteous - Criminal Division , Difficult affairs , Nanny , In the rhythm of the heart , Policewomen and policemen , World according to Kiepski , Why me? , Szpilki na Giewoncie , Zdrady , Ewa, cook us this! , Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars , Walk of Fame , Hell's Kitchen - Hellish Kitchen , Top Chef or Your Face Sounds Familiar .

For Poles abroad, IPLA (regardless of whether we are in the EU or other countries) has a special "ipla Polonia" package. As part of this package, we will get access to Polsat 1, Polsat News HD, Superstacja, Disco Polo Music, Filmbox Arthouse, Fightbox and Docubox. In addition, we will be able to watch live broadcasts of men's volleyball sports events as part of PlusLiga, Women's Volleyball League and Energa Basket League. In relation to the normal offer of the platform, this is a fairly limited choice. Being abroad, we will not see and we will not be able to buy other packages offered by ipl such as ipla movies and series , ipla TV , ipla Sport , ipla news and entertainment , Eleven Sports or Polsat sport premium. To be able to see and buy them, you will need the free IP address.


In the HBO GO offer, we find practically the same as under the traditional HBO available via cable or satellite. These are mainly new film premieres and the famous HBO production series such as Game of Thrones , Westworld , Silicon Valley , Detective , or free HBO series like Pakt and Wataha . Unfortunately, recently, HBO Go model actively began to ban IP addresses assigned to VPN services and thus prevented access to its library abroad.

nc + GO

The digital distribution platform for films and TV series nc + GO mainly contains a programming offer available from the ncplus satellite TV provider. We find in it very often the latest film and serial premieres. The platform has access to programs available, including on Canal +, Canal + film, Canal + series or Canal + sport. In particular, Canal + Sport attracts huge TV and football fans in your country and abroad in front of TVs and monitors, thanks to the transmission of the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League.

free Netflix

The free Netflix offer includes selected series and films from the global service offer, available with free subtitles and in some cases with a teacher. In contrast to the American Netflix , the free offer is much poorer in movies and series due to numerous restrictions and license blockades.


Showmax is a competitor of Netflix on the free market when it comes to foreign VOD platforms that want to gain free customers. The offer includes, among others, the President's and SNL Polska's ear .

Watch out for free solutions!

Finally, a warning regarding two free solutions that often appear in the topic of access to free online television abroad.

You can find free applications on the network that, after installation, offer the transmission of TV channels. Very often, with the installation of such software, you will install a lot of spyware and viruses on your computer, because the creator of these programs wants to earn from the data he will get from your device. Such pirate transmissions are based mostly on P2P (torrents) network operation. By watching something, you share it with others, and this can put you at risk of legal problems .

The second issue is free VPN services, which many people unknowingly catch. On the Internet you can find VPN providers who advertise their services as free, wanting to lure users and encourage them to install their applications. What they do not say loud is the way they earn and maintain their services. Most free solutions base their business on the sale of user data and their Internet connection and computing power. These are both browser plug-ins as well as applications for computers and telephones. How? Here are examples:

  • Connecting through the so-called free VPN its owner sees and saves all your network activity. Visited pages, time you spend on them, search information, activity on social networks. Based on this, it creates accurate profiles of users' behavior in the network, which then sells to advertising companies and other interested entities.
  • By installing the application to connect through a free VPN, you enable the service owner to use your internet connection and resell it. One of the popular companies in this area (Hola), through its service for business (Luminati), allows you to purchase access to resources made available to them by users who are free. This is a huge threat to privacy and security. You never know what someone will use your IP address and computer resources for, maybe for criminal purposes?

Remember! If something is for free, then you are the product that is sold .


VPN is a simple and easy-to-use tool with which free online television abroad can be freely available to us. At the same time, it has many other advantages, from which the omission of geo-blockades and regional restrictions are only a part of the possibilities for which we can use the service after purchasing it. The interest in VPN services is growing from year to year. More and more people use them on a daily basis - for security, privacy and unrestricted access to the network.

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