free Netflix abroad - how to watch in 2018?

free Netflix abroad - how to watch in 2018?

We are more and more often abroad. Holidays, delegations, trips to work or total emigration from your country. Unfortunately, while the Internet works normally abroad, the situation with access to serials and films with free subtitles or a teacher is worse. Their best legal source, ie Netflix, does not work abroad like in the country. Unfortunately, we will have a problem if we want to watch free Netflix abroad. But there is one good way for this - VPN.

free Netflix is ​​available abroad only in one case, namely during a short stay in European Union countries. Netflix then gives access to the free library, however (as the service informs in its help section) after some time its content will be matched to the country in which we are currently staying. If we want to have permanent access to free Netflix abroad, we will have to use VPN and change IP to free.

The best VPN to Netflix Polska abroad

The VPN services listed below have been tested by us and allow you to watch free Netflix abroad. Unfortunately, not every VPN allows this, because Netflix actively fights with the celebration of regional blockades. Both providers offer fast VPN servers located in your country and a 30 day money back guarantee. This means that we can use and test the service for 30 days, and if we are dissatisfied with it, then the money will be returned to us. Date of last check: July 2018.

VPN provider
Our rating
Details of offer
6.67$ miesięcznie from $ 6.67 per month
30 days
2.75$ miesięcznie from $ 2.75 a month
30 days

Here's a note for people who are looking for free solutions - unfortunately Netflix is ​​struggling with VPN services and only a few solutions available on the market still work with it. The times when a simple proxy was enough to watch, for example, the Netflix offer from the USA, have long since passed.

What can be found in the free Netflix offer?

free Netflix is ​​primarily original movies and series produced by the platform and well-known hits from other stations, which can be viewed online with a free teacher or subtitles. Netflix is ​​many hours of great entertainment, which is available at a very affordable subscription price. In comparison to other platforms, Netflix Polska is ahead of all its competitors when it comes to the amount of available materials that can be viewed in it.

What else can a VPN add up to?

Unfortunately, the Netflix library available in your country is not as big as it is in the USA. Here, however, the VPN again comes to help. With its help, we can easily change IP through servers located in the USA. Thanks to this you will be able to watch American Netflix . In addition to access to free or American Netflix, with the help of VPN, we will also unlock access to other free VOD platforms during your stay abroad .

Apart from bypassing regional blockades, VPN is an excellent tool to bypass various forms of censorship . In addition, with its help, you can effectively protect your privacy online and improve your security while using it. VPN allows you to completely encrypt the connection, which means that no outsider is able to access what we do on the network. In addition, it is a tool with the help of which we can hide your IP address. You can learn more about how VPN works in this article, where we explain exactly what a VPN is .

How to unblock free Netflix abroad step by step?

Since we already know that with the help of VPN you can easily get access to free Netflix abroad, it remains to explain how it looks step by step. All you need to do is:

  1. Purchase a subscription and set up an account with the selected VPN provider.
  2. Download to our device - a computer, tablet or phone - an application to connect to the VPN servers of the provider.
  3. Install the application and log in.
  4. Select from the list of available servers those located in your country and connect .
  5. Finished. We have free IP and access to Netflix's free offer.

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